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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a lawyer help me with starting a business?

If you're thinking of starting a business, getting legal help from a qualified lawyer is a great first step toward establishing your business. Lawyers can help you understand the different types of business entities in your state, recommend the right business form for your startup based on your needs, and file the required paperwork with your state authority. They can also advise you on what the important issues are relating to the health of your business such as taxes, advertising, employment laws, and compliance with other regulations that might apply to you. If you're still undecided about getting started and need more in-depth information about legal issues that affect formation of your business, a lawyer can help you think through the foundational steps and give you legal guidance to help set you up the right way.

Can a lawyer negotiate a business transaction for me?

Absolutely. Before entering into any business agreements that could have lasting legal consequences, the best practice is to get a lawyer's advice to make sure that you understand what your rights and obligations will be before entering into any binding agreements. Lawyers can also spot legal issues that you might miss, which can ultimately save you from getting stuck in a bad deal.

How does a lawyer help me manage my business's online reputation?

Reputation management is an important part of the health of all businesses. Because reputation is created from various pieces of information that represent how your business in known to the world, managing the flow of information, especially online where information spreads quickly, is crucial to the health and survival of your business. While it is important to establish an online presence, it is easy to fall prey to negative news, bad reviews, or wrongful accusations about your business, you, the products you make or services you offer. Harmful information that casts your organization and its leaders or members in a poor light can have devastating effects.

Lawyers can work with you to determine the type of threats you face online and in other public conversation. They can work with your communications managers to identify and mitigate or eliminate the release or existence of damaging information. This can sometimes involve direct communication on your behalf with the responsible party(ies), initiating online reputation repair activities, implementing counter-strategic communications programming or in some more serious cases, legal action.

How can a lawyer help me create policies for my company?

Running a business can raise many legal challenges such as compliance with applicable laws and regulations, dealing with employer-employee matters or contractor relations, health safety and premises issues, equipment and property usage, operating procedures, and other potential liabilities or areas of concern. Hiring an attorney to help manage your organization's legal affairs is an important step to minimizing liability, navigating federal, state and local laws, creating cohesive policies for your employees, and establishing a roadmap for day-to-day company operations. Establishing company policies is also essential in helping your organization's management personnel anticipate problems and create effective solutions to keep your business running and profitable.

I don't need an attorney to do something now, but may want to get a legal opinion before I act. Is this possible? 

Yes. Many clients may not be dealing with an actual present dispute but instead are seeking some guidance or advice before they embark on important decision-making processes which may result in lasting legal consequences. Attorneys are commonly asked to review a situation or information and provide a legal opinion which can serve as a basis for whether some action may be required.


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