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Family at a Beach

We Do Things Differently

RELATE LAW, APC was founded by Anna Jerden, a strategic communications and public relations advisor turned lawyer. Our firm is focused on serving our community: Our families, our individuals, small businesses and the people who own them. The difference is not in what we do, but rather our approach to helping clients. We're not stuffy or intimidating. Our mission is to deliver relatable, down-to-earth client experiences and provide value to fulfill every client's objectives.


We build relationships on a foundation of effective communication, the lifeblood of all organizations and programs, and also the bedrock of our collaborative approach to advising and assisting our clients, regardless of their professional or individual pursuits. Our clients receive the whole package: help with their legal matter from a holistic viewpoint that incorporates everything we have to offer.


Like our professional clients, we're a small business, too. We're not just like you, we are you. So, we can relate to your experience and know the importance of staying lean to protect your mission. We take the same approach when serving individuals who need realistic and affordable options to access legal services. We understand there's often a huge gap for many in accessing affordable legal services and we're committed to doing our part to fill that gap.


We also recognize that times are changing and more than ever, people need reasonable and right-sized legal service options that fit not only their unique needs and challenges but also their budgets. That's why RELATE LAW, APC offers flexible unbundled services, package pricing, preventative advice to save clients money, and focused, one-on-one attention.


Our cloud-based model offers the most flexibility, simple ease of access to attorney time, and reduces cost barriers for clients who just want help without the hassle.

Whether it's trust and estate planning, business formation or guidance, we're here to help you take care of things.


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