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  • Drafting Your Will or Revocable Living Trust

  • Appoint Power of Attorney for Finances

  • Get an Advance Health Care Directive

  • Plan for Business Succession

  • Advice and Probate Avoidance

  • Form Your Business Entity (Corp, LLC, etc.)

  • Help with Contracts and Agreements

  • Crisis and Reputation Management

  • ​Ongoing Business Counsel

  • Employee Policies

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Estate Planning is for EVERYONE because it protects you, your family and your business

It's natural to worry about the future and your family. Yet, many are still reluctant to consider starting their estate planning. At Relate Law, we strive to dispel the common misconceptions that estate planning is only necessary if you’re a senior or are wealthy.


The truth is an estate plan deals with life as much as it does death. Planning protects you, the people you love, and the property you've worked so hard to acquire.

A recent survey shows that 68%
of Americans do not have a will

​​Our estate planning practice is designed to help everyday individuals and families prepare for some of life’s difficult surprises.

Regardless of the size of your family or the scope of your assets, whether you're single, married or have a domestic relationship, we create and deliver estate planning strategies that will help you:

  • Give access to financial resources in case of sudden illness or disability that prevents you from making your own decisions

  • Remove legal roadblocks put up by banks and other financial institutions

  • Protect your home and your money from creditors if you become incapacitated

  • Preserve your choices when it comes to your own healthcare, medical treatments, and providers

  • Keep your business running and your professional legacy from falling into the wrong hands

  • Choose a guardian for your minor children and manage resources for their care

  • Decide who gets your property instead of letting the state decide according to default rules

  • Save money by avoiding expensive and lengthy probate proceedings

  • Avoid leaving a stressful mess for your family

  • Keep the inheritance intact for your heirs

  • Prevent painful family disputes

  • Reduce estate taxes, and more

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